Striiv pedometer PC-sync

Health monitoring and motivation before the age of smart watches. A Tamagotchi-like pedometer with a built in game where you build out your forest with buildings out of the “energy” you collect via steps and stairs. The device had no wireless connection, so it had to be synced via USB.

  • I was put in charge of designing how the device syncs “walkathon” donations and updates with clean handling of error conditions, edge cases and COPPA compliance
  • Collaborated with a developers in California, Hawaii and Shenzhen
  • Pivoted the design of Striiv Sync from desktop app to web app, back to (scaled-back) desktop applet to meet constraints in time and developer resources, negotiating compromises and building consensus around detailed specifications
  • Also produced final pixel-level UI, illustrations and icons
  • Device interaction design and visual design, Wayne Greenwood, et. al.
  • All interaction and visual design for PC sync application: Berm Lee
  • 2011.06 to 2012.02
UI copywriting guidelines

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