St. Jude Medical – ICD programming terminal

Nurses and technicians use this touchscreen device to connect with a patient’s ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators), which needed careful calibration as to when to activate and when to stay quiet. If handled incorrectly, an ICD could kill a patient, or fail to save a patient when it needed to intervene.

Visual renovation was a major part of the project, as the current implementation did not indicate consequences for actions, or even the current setting, very clearly.

Detail Interaction Design, Visual Design, Styleguide documentation: Berm Lee

  • Limited color (16 colors) and resolution (SVGA) on the touchscreen console
  • Two devices: one for Bradycardia (even lower resolution) and another for tachycardia, which had more at-a-glance information that needed to be reviewed and acted upon
  • Controls that would affect the patient immediately are clearly called out
  • Interaction design: Elizabeth Bacon, Angela Quail
  • Copyright © 2002 Cooper. May not be re-distributed without written permission