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  • Visual design

    Visual design

    My childhood hero, somehow, was Joe Lertola, that illustrator who did all those “explainer” graphics for Time Magazine. Every new issue, I would dive right into looking for his infographic (before they were called as such) for the month. Figuring things out through diagrams became my everything. Graphic design Infographic to explain Github Balanced Employee…

  • Optical cytometry

    Optical cytometry

    Control interfaces and management system for conducting experiments on cell samples, with automated cell counting and photometry. Reorganized and streamlined interfaces and workflows based on personas and roles. Berm Lee: Interaction Design, Visual Design iterations Design Team: Pilar Strutin-Belinoff, Nick Hausman Copyright © 2008 Lunar Design. May not be re-posted or re-distributed without written permission.

  • St. Jude Medical – ICD programming terminal

    St. Jude Medical – ICD programming terminal

    Nurses and technicians use this touchscreen device to connect with a patient’s ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators), which needed careful calibration as to when to activate and when to stay quiet. If handled incorrectly, an ICD could kill a patient, or fail to save a patient when it needed to intervene. Visual renovation was a major part…

  • Social Opinions App

    Social Opinions App

    time-limited voting on assertions and counter arguments original pitch “A digital platform where two or more can come to find resolutions on arguments, discussions, or even general questions” All conceptual clean-up, detail interaction design and visual design: Berm Lee, in a total budget of 21.5 design hours Hand-crafted icons and graphics Originally delivered as sketches,…