Social Opinions App

  • time-limited voting on assertions and counter arguments
  • original pitch “A digital platform where two or more can come to find resolutions on arguments, discussions, or even general questions”
  • All conceptual clean-up, detail interaction design and visual design: Berm Lee, in a total budget of 21.5 design hours
  • Hand-crafted icons and graphics
  • Originally delivered as sketches, visual design assets and a one-to-one meeting with the developer

Currently running arguments

shows all arguments currently available to vote on

New running arguments (assertions, counter-arguments or questions) from your friends are listed in chronological order

Each argument has a predetermined limit (such as 24 hours) to respond to, counting down from time originally posted

The original poster of each argument can cancel voting before it finishes, or even delete the post.

Arguments already voted on by user shows thumbs up or thumbs down icon instead

Original poster does not see voting results until voting is closed.

A separate section at the end shows a sampling of other popular arguments, surfaced by proximity in social graph, or same country or language

Poster has a choice whether to show argument to more than one’s friends, or friends of friends, or public

Voting on an argument

tap on an argument to open its details and a set of voting buttons, which could either be tapped or swiped left or right (in this case, left to agree)

tap “start a followup argument” to respond to the statement or question.

always shows on the top the original argument that started it all, only when details are opened and ready to vote, instead of showing the direct argument responding to, as it would already be visible either in live arguments or results

tapping the arrow jumps to the argument being responded to

tap or swipe left or right to vote

You have voted

swipe in either direction to cancel your vote

item detail will stay open until the next view of the app

Voting progress on arguments you have started

shows how many of your friends have voted, how many of friends of the one you followed up on voted so far

tapping on the stats block can show a list of names, from which you can ask to follow those names

cancelled & deleted arguments

Original poster can cancel voting in progress, but will not be able to see the voting results.

Original poster can also delete an argument altogether, but it will show on the list that they have done so.

Cancelled and deleted arguments from friends sort to the bottom of the list, right before the list of arguments from those who are not friends

Concluded arguments

Arguments that have run out of voting time are kept separate from “live arguments” for clarity and simplicity of what you are here to do, and also to enforce the policy that you don’t see voting results until voting has closed

Details on voting results for an argument

once opened, stays opened until the next launch of app

can still be responded to with a follow-up argument at any time

Details on voting results on arguments you have posted

when it is your post, you will see a breakdown of how your friends voted vs. the friends of the other user you responded to.

because each argument is also shown in the list (and not in a threaded form), details do not show the entire thread, just the original argument that started the thread, to encourage people to start new threads instead of continually responding to old ones

original argument that started it all is shown at the top. People can still post follow-ups even when the voting was been cancelled by the original poster, so as long as it hasn’t been deleted.

Details for argument that has ended in a perfect tie

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